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Office Install

We have the expertise to customize and install your office furniture just how you like it! We’ll be sure to go over every detail with you so the job gets done right. The first time!

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Internal & External… Name the time and the place. We’ll be there with as many trucks as you need to get where you need to go along with all your goods as well! Consider yourself moved!

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We have the tools and the experience to fix a lot of office furniture! Let us check it out and see if we can save you some money in the long run by fixing your broken goods!

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Expert Service

We are seasoned professionals with years of experience that only time can teach. Within 5 minutes of seeing us work, you’ll know you picked the right guys!


About Us

Furniture Kings | Saskatoon SK
Everything Office. Simplified By Us. For You.

Upon working in the office furniture industry for nearly a decade. Jason Lang, founder and operator of Furniture Kings noticed that key aspects & components were missing in today's industry that needed to be fulfilled. Jason, possessed the skills, experience and the knowledge to go out on his own and create his vision of a perfect office furniture solutions company, Furniture Kings. Furniture Kings' core values lie in honesty, integrity and most importantly getting the job done right, not only for the customer, but for ourselves. So not only are you supporting a local business when you do business with Furniture Kings, but you are also supporting the values and beliefs that Furniture Kings was built on. When you decide to do business with Furniture Kings, we treat you like royalty!

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